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Research and Development

203_scientistIpsa scientia potestas est. “Knowledge itself is power.” This phrase is as true today as it was when Sir Francis Bacon penned the words in 1597.  As a philosopher, statesman, scientist, lawyer, jurist and pioneer of the scientific method, he understood the power of knowledge.

Princeton Keynes delivers actionable knowledge and research solutions that provide bottom-line benefits to our customers.  We have considerable expertise and resource capability in providing “green” transition process and product research, as well as technology transfer and information support, and technical research.

“Green” transition research

In this program we help companies move specific products or product lines and, if needed, whole processes into more environmentally friendly and compliant technologies.  We identify alternative approaches that are not only environmentally better, but in many cases provide optimized performance and are more cost effective.   Our technical resources within industry and academia allow us to deliver focused information and technology that provide clear and measurable benefits to our customers.  Because we have access to various university-level resources and researchers, we are able to provide cutting edge solutions to our customers based on new processes and research.

Technical research/technology transfer

In this program we research and support new products and processes and augment internal company development and information gathering.  We also identify relevant technology available for license or sale to the private sector through various university technology transfer programs.  Cutting-edge research is now available to private industry through these programs.  In addition, superb new technical patents are available for license or sale.  If our clients are interested in a specific area, we can deliver available technology through our internal network or through a relevant technology transfer department.

 Sample Case Histories

Eco-friendly wood treatment

A large wood products manufacturing company commissioned a research program with Princeton Keynes to identify alternative wood preservation treatments for its products.  The client wanted an environmentally friendly alternative to the standard heavy-duty wood preservation approaches such as chromated arsenicals, pentachlorophenol, and creosote.  Of course, the client needed a solution that would maintain optimum preservation performance in addition to maintaining production efficacy with whatever product was developed.  Working with one of our university partners through its wood products engineering group, we were able to deliver a safe and long-lasting alternative wood treatment system.

Water treatment compound

An innovative international company developed a unique method for industrial water treatment utilizing a specialized aggregate.  However, they needed a “green,” completely toxicologically benign binder technology to use for the aggregate product.  The binder needed to work synergistically with the aggregate, withstand prolonged immersion and flow rates, and produce no leachate or contaminants that could impact final water quality.  Princeton Keynes was retained for this project and ultimately identified a solution that worked.

Eco-friendly radiation shielding compound

An international manufacturer of specialty radiation shielding products retained Princeton Keynes to research and identify eco-friendly alternatives to lead for radiation protection.  Candidate technologies needed to provide the same radiation protection as lead with significantly reduced health and environmental impact.  Princeton Keynes was able to identify a newly developed high-density metallic-filled polymer compound that blocked radiation at levels equal to those of pure lead.  In addition, the resulting compound significantly reduced the health and environmental impact, as well as overall shielding costs, when compared with lead.