Services and Solutions

Princeton Keynes Industry MontageThe Princeton Keynes Group has three distinct core competencies, all based on the underlying precept of delivering environmentally safe, leading edge and competitive technologies and products.

Eco-Friendly Adhesives and Coatings

We formulate and manufacture environmentally “green” coatings and adhesives based on waterborne, UV/EB, 100% solids dual component reactive epoxy and urethane, soy protein, 100% solids plastisol, hot melt, and web transfer adhesive solutions.

Strategic Research and Development

We deliver actionable research and process solutions that provide bottom-line benefits to our customers. This includes “green” transition process and product research.  We also provide new technology application support and research.

Composite Infrastructure Solutions

We provide cutting-edge composite construction solutions for infrastructure applications.  Our products are used on bridges, roadways, power-generating plants, telephone and electrical support poles, and other applications.