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State-of-the-art research and manufacturing facilities


The Princeton Keynes Group corporate offices

Corporate Offices

Our Corporate Offices are located at 100 Horizon Center Boulevard, Hamilton, New Jersey 08691.

The Princeton Keynes Group manufacturing facility

Manufacturing Facility

Our Manufacturing Facility is located at 470 Mulberry Street in Newark, New Jersey 07114.



Your resources in technology

Established in 1997, Princeton Keynes has grown into a diversified company with a strong international presence.  The company’s mission is to provide solutions to its customers through a tireless commitment to technological leadership and problem solving.

From the outset Princeton Keynes has been delivering environmentally friendly solutions to the industry because it is the right thing to do.  The green initiatives within the organization are driven by the products we manufacture and the technical process and product solutions we provide.  Long before it became a trend, we established a focus on environmental responsibility through consistent action and design.  For us “going green” is part of our business because it simply makes sense for our world.

•   Environmental integrity
•   Technical innovation
•   Unparalleled research, service and support

Core Values

Our philosophy is simple – take better care of the customer.

When we founded Princeton Keynes in 1997, we wanted to do things differently.  Our aim was to offer cutting-edge technical solutions for our customers combined with superior service beyond the industry norm.  Our philosophy was simple:  take better care of the customer.  From the start we set our standards high, building a reputation for quality, performance and unparalleled customer support.

We speak your language.

Because we are manufacturers, engineers, scientists and problem-solvers, we understand the challenges and demands of business.  As a result Princeton Keynes brings solutions to its customers that work based on our commitment to technological leadership and process understanding.  We believe that our unique capabilities and technical competency allow us to deliver better answers.

Our reach is global.

We are headquartered in New Jersey, but do business in North America, Europe, Asia and South America.  That means we have the expertise and capability to deliver quality products and services wherever you do business

Our values reflect our customers’ values.

Princeton Keynes is dedicated to offering environmentally safe, unique, leading-edge and competitive technologies and products.  We do this through a core value system based on maintaining loyalty, honesty and respect in everything we do.  We have built our company on those principles and do not make compromises in applying them.