Eco-Friendly Adhesives and Coatings

For high-performance, cost-effective and environmentally friendly coatings and adhesives, we’ve got you covered.

203_eco_friendlyWe formulate and manufacture environmentally “green” coatings and adhesives based on a variety of base chemistries.  As a result we have grown through the replacement of traditional solvent-based products with our eco-friendly alternative technologies.  The Princeton Keynes Group, in a joint venture with American Adhesives, has created a company with superb technical resources and products.  We have a plant operation with the depth and technical ability to offer a wide range of formulations compounded to fit specific customer application needs.  Our plant is a clean and efficient operation with large throughput volumes produced to exacting tolerances and quality control standards.    The list below highlights a few of our current coating and adhesive technologies:

Flame retardant coatings and adhesives

We formulate and manufacture flame retardant formulations to meet a variety of fire standards and regulations.  Superior flame retardancy means enhanced protection for people, property and the environment.  Our formulations enable products to pass demanding vertical flammability specifications.

High-performance heat-activated coatings and adhesives

We have developed a range of high-performance, water-based heat-sealing coatings and adhesives.  These are utilized in various packaging, automotive, construction, printing and footwear applications.  Our 100% waterborne polyurethane heat-activated products are comparable in performance to full solvent-based versions.

Radiation-curable coatings

We formulate and produce a variety of radiation-curable coatings.  These are all 100% solids products that cure on exposure to short wavelength ultraviolet light (UV) or high-energy electrons from electron beam (EB) sources.  Because they are 100% solids systems, there are no volatile solvents to evaporate, making this a classically “green” technology.  In addition, because of their highly cross-linked thermosetting chemistry, they deliver superb heat resistance, abrasion resistance, water resistance, etc.  Click here to learn more about radiation curing.

Laminating and impregnation resin systems

We produce laminating and impregnation resin systems based on pure acrylic, polyurethane, EVA, plastisol, etc.  These systems are used in film/foil laminates, pH neutral fine paper lamination, vinyl film laminates, wood laminates, fiberglass scrim bonding, paperboard impregnation for abrasion/scuff resistance, etc.

Zero VOC Neoprene Technology

We supply 100% water-based zero VOC (volatile organic compound) neoprene adhesives. These are utilized in various structural and contactable adhesive applications.  They meet and exceed the performance of traditional full-solvent neoprene products in addition to delivering extremely strong and durable bond lines.  Our customers use them for structural bonding of composite panel systems, automotive interior applications, foam and fabric bonding, etc.

Structural epoxy coatings and adhesives

We formulate dual-component polyepoxide products based on epoxide resins and polyamine hardener constituents.  They are thermosetting, highly cross-linked materials with excellent heat-, strength- and chemical-resistance properties.  We sell them for structural adhesive/coating applications, and we also formulate them for use in our composites applications.  In composite applications they are generally used in conjunction with fiber-reinforcement-matrix materials such as glass, carbon and Kevlar.  Ask about our featured product Infra-Gard PK-4200.

Plastisol coatings and adhesives

We formulate and manufacture 100% solids plastisol products for a variety of end-use applications.  Our plastisol formulations flow as a liquid but convert to a fully cured flexible vinyl compound when heated.  Because they are 100% solids products no volatile solvents are generated during the curing stage.  We produce these for various textile coating and vinyl bonding applications.

FDA-compliant packaging adhesives and coatings

We produce adhesives and coatings that comply with applicable FDA CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) requirements for food packaging.  This includes products with approvals for both indirect and direct food contact and high temperature laminates, etc.